Exclusive Excerpt!

It's a week before my debut so I thought maybe I should do something extra special. How about an excerpt from the book? What do you think? Good idea? Yeah, I think so!

I stopped walking and automatically turned around. It’s a reflex from a lifetime spent on red carpets. Even when surprised, I've been conditioned to turn around glamorously, which means with slight hesitation and a tilt of the head, before throwing my face up and out.

I smoothed my long black hair out of my face and smiled.

"Oh my god, it IS you. I knew it!" My smile quickly faded as I turned around and saw two middle-aged women staring at me. Crap. I’d been spotted.

Then again, that might kind of be my fault. Tourists in the know understand that when searching for stars, weekday afternoons are the time to find them hanging around Beverly Hills. Weekends are for attention whores; weekdays are when the real celebrities get their shopping and errands done. I figured I would be safe.

Apparently not.

I normally wouldn’t be caught dead on Rodeo Drive without a partner in crime, but this wasn’t exactly a pre-planned excursion. Mrs. Delphy’s pre-test geometry review was shaping up to be intensely boring, so I took off when I had the chance. Besides, I was doing great in geometry already. A-students deserve to ditch once in awhile, too, right?


Lenore said...
May 12, 2009 at 6:10 AM

Wow! Right around the corner. Getting excited to read this :)