Hey Look!

There's been a lot of talk about YA book covers and ethnicity recently. Trisha over at The Ya Ya Ya's did a great post about Asian-Americans and book covers and in her follow up post, took a look at Exclusively Chloe. So what do you think? Does the cover look like me, a little Chinese girl?

And here's their "Asian American Protagonists in YA Fiction" list!

Search me, search me, say that you'll search me

Hey, I just discovered that on the Exclusively Chloe Amazon page, you can "Look Inside!" the book and use the "Search Inside This Book" box to electronically find anything in the text. It's pretty awesome because even I don't quite remember where everything is so this gives me an awesome tool to use. For example, there are three instances of "Shao-Chi" (my Chinese name) located on pages 10, 104, 240. So cool right?