I'm way too busy with a brand new adventure ahead of me to update this at the moment. That's right, I said "brand new adventure." Excited? What will it involve? Who will be tagging along with me? Well, hopefully you right? Omg, stalkers. Just kidding.

How bout I tell you what happened when I return? For now you better just go where you came from. Which was hopefully here right? And if you absolutely have to follow me around, try my Facebook page or Twitter.

I so knew you were stalkers.

Shine On

Well, look at that, J.A. Yang is trying to be all famous again. As if. He's over at Authors Now! talking about his book, which is ahem, my life. It would just be patently unfair if you didn't go there and tell him that it's not all about him, it's really it's about me!

Just kidding. channeling a little Rachelle there for the holidays. I'm glad he's being spotlighted, he totally deserves it. A big round of applause for Cynthea Liu, who's just like the greatest person ever. And obviously big hearted to let J.A. be on her site in any capacity.

Talk to Me

You know I'm Chinese right? Well, so is J.A. and he's just been interviewed in a Chinese newspaper. Neither of us read Chinese all that well but with some practice we hope to read it together in the future. Or maybe we'll get Henry to translate it, I mean, his Chinese has to be pretty good right?

I wonder if they mention how cool I am, I'm sure they do. Otherwise why would they feature him in an article anyway?

And here's another Chinese interview, from "We Chinese." I need to learn how to read and write Mandarin? A trip to China maybe?

Hey Look!

There's been a lot of talk about YA book covers and ethnicity recently. Trisha over at The Ya Ya Ya's did a great post about Asian-Americans and book covers and in her follow up post, took a look at Exclusively Chloe. So what do you think? Does the cover look like me, a little Chinese girl?

And here's their "Asian American Protagonists in YA Fiction" list!

Search me, search me, say that you'll search me

Hey, I just discovered that on the Exclusively Chloe Amazon page, you can "Look Inside!" the book and use the "Search Inside This Book" box to electronically find anything in the text. It's pretty awesome because even I don't quite remember where everything is so this gives me an awesome tool to use. For example, there are three instances of "Shao-Chi" (my Chinese name) located on pages 10, 104, 240. So cool right?

Hole-y Awesome

Okay, so this is friend and fellow Deb Lara Zielin's incredibly hilarious video for her upcoming August 2009 release, "Donut Days." The productive value on this thing is MTV quality, I should know! Go check out Lara's blog too!

Sitting Pretty

Some more exciting pictures of EC in the wild! These are special because they're the first ones I've gotten from San Diego (notice the Warwick's sign!), San Francisco, and a Kindle! Thanks to Jordyn, Jon G, and Anne, respectively.

I'm on Tour

Specifically, J.A. Yang is on a virtual book tour. But of course he'll be talking a lot about me. Duh.

Organized by the wonderful Yan of Books by Their Cover, I'll be visiting various blogs, answering amazing questions, and generally saying hello for the two weeks.

Come on over! It's a journey you won't want to miss.
May 25- Yan (Books By Their Cover)
May 26- Aryanna (A Maze of Books)
May 27- Erika (Kiss My Book)
May 28- Alea (Pop Culture Junkie)
May 29- Carol (Bookluver)
May 30- Kelsey (Reading Keeps You Sane)
May 31- Steph (Steph Su Reads)
June 1- Sarah (Green Bean Teen Queen)
June 2- Claire (Bookworm Readers)
June 3- Kristi (The Story Siren)

Another Video

Here's another video, again starring Desiree (the one who talks) and Ameer (the one who doesn't).

Where the Wild Things Are

Thanks to some wonderful friends, here are the first copies of my book I've seen in the wild! Send me a picture if you see it somewhere!

Roll Out the Red Carpet

It's here, my debut is today! A girl only debuts once and it's got to be an unforgettable experience right? Well aside from figuring out what to wear and what kind of music to play, there's another really really really important part.

You gotta bring a date!

And look at who's my date for my/our debut...Dull Boy! Okay, stop it, his real name is Avery and he's anything but dull. But shhh, don't tell anyone because he's gotta stay normal and undercover because he's got superpowers that would make Superman jealous. Like really jealous.

Just like how you're jealous of us for being an item. May 14th is now our official anniversary. Your eyes are Kryptonite green with envy, I can tell. But I'll let you talk to Avery a little bit, get his story and everything. Just understand that he's dancing with me tonight, okay? Thanks all!
"Sometimes I wish I didn't care what would happen if anyone knew the truth about me. But I do care. I have to keep this -- super strength, flying -- a secret. No one can know -- not my parents, not my friends... It's just that it's getting harder to hide it.

Superpowers are awesome -- unless you actually have them, like Avery does. There's only so much he can pass off as 'adrenaline' before people start to get suspicious. Probably it's best to lie low, so guys in white lab coats don't come to carry him away, to find out what makes his freakish body tick. Who wants to be vivisected? But flying under the radar becomes a whole lot harder when you can actually fly. It's dangerous to be different, so for now he'll pretend to be normal, unremarkable Avery -- a dull boy -- anything to keep his secret safe.

What he doesn't expect is the horrifying truth about where his powers came from, who else might have them, and the madness of one villain's plan to turn this superpowered dull boy into something even more powerful and amazing."
-Sarah Cross, Dull Boy-

So, What're You Saying?

Oh my, some reviews are rolling in and I'm tremendously excited to share them, exclamations, superlatives, warts and all. I only took a few lines from each so click on the links to read them in full because some wonderful friends have taken the time to read my story and I'm so happy about that! So thanks guys, let's do lunch!

"Exclusively Chloe is a light and entertaining read that will charm reader with it spectacular style. It is an awesome debut and I strongly suggest you buy it (it's in paperback, too!) because it is FABULOUS."
-The Dreamer Reader-

"Exclusively Chloe was a wonderful story. I was unsure of it for the first half of the book, I was really into it for the next fourth, and I was very pleased with the ending."
-The Book Reader-

"Exclusively Chloe is light, fun chick lit that touches on serious topics without getting bogged down. A good choice for teen girls who keep up with all the celebrity gossip."

Good Reads

Hey, if you have a goodreads account, go here and enter a contest to win a copy of Exclusively Chloe! And if you don't have a goodreads account, then get one. And if you don't read, well, I'm not sure how to help you. Like at all.

The drawing for the winner is May 20th!

Exclusive Excerpt!

It's a week before my debut so I thought maybe I should do something extra special. How about an excerpt from the book? What do you think? Good idea? Yeah, I think so!

I stopped walking and automatically turned around. It’s a reflex from a lifetime spent on red carpets. Even when surprised, I've been conditioned to turn around glamorously, which means with slight hesitation and a tilt of the head, before throwing my face up and out.

I smoothed my long black hair out of my face and smiled.

"Oh my god, it IS you. I knew it!" My smile quickly faded as I turned around and saw two middle-aged women staring at me. Crap. I’d been spotted.

Then again, that might kind of be my fault. Tourists in the know understand that when searching for stars, weekday afternoons are the time to find them hanging around Beverly Hills. Weekends are for attention whores; weekdays are when the real celebrities get their shopping and errands done. I figured I would be safe.

Apparently not.

I normally wouldn’t be caught dead on Rodeo Drive without a partner in crime, but this wasn’t exactly a pre-planned excursion. Mrs. Delphy’s pre-test geometry review was shaping up to be intensely boring, so I took off when I had the chance. Besides, I was doing great in geometry already. A-students deserve to ditch once in awhile, too, right?

Fan Friends

Some people have friends, some people have fans. Luckily, I have both! Sometimes these fan friends do fun things for you like make videos about your upcoming debut. Like this one for example, from my friend Desiree, who's one of my favorite shopping partners in LA. Seriously Des, I'm a huge fan of you too so thanks for the video!

I'm Traveling!

Hey all, meet my new friend Yan. She's putting together a little tour for me in advance of my debut. Well, maybe not exactly for me, exactly. It's really for J.A. and the book. But we know nobody would go attend the tour without my presence. So we'll just shorthand it and say I'M going on tour. So I'll be making ten stops from May 11 through the 20th. Buy your tickets now!

Oh wait, it's free. Even better then!

Update: The tour is a little bit delayed. Don't worry, it'll be happening soon. You know how my life is. Totally unpredictable.


A girl can never have enough friends. You Facebook, I know you do. You're probably pretending to be on Facebook-iatus but it's not working. Well, that's great news because now I Facebook too. So stop that "I'm giving up Facebook for a week" talk and come join the Exclusively Chloe Facebook page now okay? It's a great idea, trust me.

And fine, we can be MySpace friends too. Right?

Tell me if there's anything I can do for you, since we're now friends and all. Shopping tips? Color matching? VIP access to something? Homework (no essays please)?


Look, a girl only debuts once so if you're going to come, please RSVP! That means "Répondez s'il vous plaît!" Haha, I mean, "reply, if you please." Seriously, if you don't show up on May 14, we are not friends.

I know it's a Thursday but I'm going to take the entire day off Friday because Dominique already said I could. So there Mr. Guerra.

PS- For a certain someone with the initials A.C., you can come too, even if you've been super rude. Just be nice okay?

It's my story and I'll cry if I want to...

You can pre-order the book on Amazon or other wonderful book sellers (Amazon link, Barnes & Noble link, Indie Bound link, Powell's link). Or better yet, go into a store, demand a copy, and then buy an extra for your friend. I mean, that's what I would do. Just saying.

Here's the synopsis:
"Chloe-Grace can't help it -- she's spectacular. How could she not be with celebrity parents who have been the queen and king of Hollywood for years? And Chloe is a celebrity all unto herself as well -- she's the first celebrity-adopted kid in Hollywood. But now Chloe's sixteen, and she is tired of every undesired moment of the world's attention. She wonders what it would be like to be a "normal" kid in a regular school. To really understand it, though, she would need to go undercover. So after getting a 'make-under' at the hands of her mother's fabulous stylist, she enters the 'real' world. But she soon finds out that there is just as much drama there as there is in Hollywood..."
Check out some reviews!