Fan Friends

Some people have friends, some people have fans. Luckily, I have both! Sometimes these fan friends do fun things for you like make videos about your upcoming debut. Like this one for example, from my friend Desiree, who's one of my favorite shopping partners in LA. Seriously Des, I'm a huge fan of you too so thanks for the video!

I'm Traveling!

Hey all, meet my new friend Yan. She's putting together a little tour for me in advance of my debut. Well, maybe not exactly for me, exactly. It's really for J.A. and the book. But we know nobody would go attend the tour without my presence. So we'll just shorthand it and say I'M going on tour. So I'll be making ten stops from May 11 through the 20th. Buy your tickets now!

Oh wait, it's free. Even better then!

Update: The tour is a little bit delayed. Don't worry, it'll be happening soon. You know how my life is. Totally unpredictable.


A girl can never have enough friends. You Facebook, I know you do. You're probably pretending to be on Facebook-iatus but it's not working. Well, that's great news because now I Facebook too. So stop that "I'm giving up Facebook for a week" talk and come join the Exclusively Chloe Facebook page now okay? It's a great idea, trust me.

And fine, we can be MySpace friends too. Right?

Tell me if there's anything I can do for you, since we're now friends and all. Shopping tips? Color matching? VIP access to something? Homework (no essays please)?


Look, a girl only debuts once so if you're going to come, please RSVP! That means "Répondez s'il vous plaît!" Haha, I mean, "reply, if you please." Seriously, if you don't show up on May 14, we are not friends.

I know it's a Thursday but I'm going to take the entire day off Friday because Dominique already said I could. So there Mr. Guerra.

PS- For a certain someone with the initials A.C., you can come too, even if you've been super rude. Just be nice okay?